AMLO has received 20 therapies for deteriorating health, Guacamaya reveals

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Deterioration Health president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador During the last months forced military personnel to undergo constant medical consultations and therapy with the “High Command” to avoid risks in their Health.

The database hacktivists obtained from macawthey reveal that although the president López Obrador ensures that he works all day for the good of the country, the emails show that, in the afternoon or afternoon, the president is obliged to undergo medical consultations and therapies, mainly due to the risk of a heart attack, orsuffering from high-risk unstable angina that was diagnosed on January 2, 2022.

“1235, same date, rendered medical aid to the President of Mexico, CC. Lieutenant Cor. MC José Ricardo, pert. Specialized medical office and Myr. MC Rene, assistant of the Central Military Hospital, diagnosis: high-risk unstable angina”.

After he was transferred from Chiapas to Mexico City the risk of a heart attack caused by angina, the president was under constant examination.

One of the emails (January) contains information about the visit of two military doctors, including a cardiologist, to the National Palace for medical consultation. A few hours later, the president’s personal cardiologist arrived at the scene.

“The said personnel performed a cardiological examination at the High Command of the Armed Forces, agreeing to take a blood sample at the National Palace, for laboratory studies at 05:00 on January 20, 2022, to be processed at the Central Military Hospital Laboratory.

After delivering the results, according to the database obtained by hacktivists from macaw, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He started receiving physical therapy on March 3.

“The person Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador The President of Mexico, instructed the undersigned that physical therapy will be conducted in the premises of the National Palace. From 1:20 p.m. to 2:15 p.m., March 3, 2022″.

From that date, The president received 19 more therapies, as well as medical consultations, in which he was recommended to walk to improve his health. They are performed in the facilities of the Heroico Colegio Nacional.

In the month of August alone, he received seven therapies in the National Palace, mostly in the afternoon. Military personnel travel home López Obrador where they give him the attention recommended by the experts.

The last one, according to the database, was presented to the president and his wife on August 29 at the National Palace from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

“Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, has instructed that he and his wife, C. Dra. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, will be provided with physical therapy in the facilities of the National Palace, as follows: necessary personnel Nad. 2/o. assistant Ofta Mayra Gabriela (Lic. in physical therapy and rehabilitation). From 18:00 to 21:00, August 29, 2022”.

The recommendations of experts state that the head of the executive power in Mexico must be accompanied by medical personnel at all times due to the risk of deterioration of health that can occur at any time, mainly due to a heart attack.

An example of this is the staff that accompanied him on a trip to Washington, United States last July.

“In my cards no. SII/1121 7 SII/1122 of July 10 and 11, 2022, the departure of C. Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his distinguished wife, Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, to the city of Washington CC, USA In the concept accompanying the president and his distinguished wife Daniel (…), Martha Jessica (…), Cor. Info DEM; Marco Antonio, lieutenant. MC, Jose Ricardo, Myr MC; Tania Carolina and Aldo Cesar (…), who provided assistance, protection and medical services during the said flight.”

During the May 7 trip to Cuba, the president was also accompanied at all times by military personnel, including at least one doctor.

Last September, after medical reports on the president’s health were published, he admitted the diagnoses, but also the risk of a heart attack last January.

“Yes, it’s true, I’m sick, I have various complaints and other illnesses, all of that is stated. “There was a risk of a heart attack and they took me to the hospital and recommended a catheterization, they told me ‘you have to do it’, I asked them for a few days and then I got covid and I had to wait for the covid to pass and I went to the hospital and I already had a catheterization”.

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