AMLO disapproves of blocking Cuba and questions Ukraine’s restraint: ‘What does he have to do?’

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized that although 185 countries voted in the United Nations (UN) against the economic blockade of Cubathis measure was retained due to the veto power of the USA.

Although AMLO said that yesterday The US is in a position to change that policy.considers that maintaining the blockade is retrograde.

“Yesterday there was a vote in the UN and the same thing came back, 185 votes for lifting the blockade and two against and they used the right of veto. Where is that size? where is high politics? It’s very traditional, retrograde.”

president López Obrador questioned the role of Ukraine, who abstained from the vote at the United Nations, which he described as a bit politically sensitive.

“Two abstentions: one Brazil and Ukraine. With all due respect, what are you up to? That’s a bit of political sensitivity.

On Thursday, the American government again voted against rannual resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly which calls for the lifting of the economic embargo applied by Washington to Cuba.

The non-binding resolution approved by 185 countries and only the United States and Israel objectedl, with abstentions from Brazil and Ukraine. It was the 30th time the United Nations voted to lift the embargo.

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