Amelia Wilhelmy: The actress who triumphed with Pedro Infante as “La Guayaba” met a tragic end

One of the characters that became adorable in golden cinema was one of “guava”she is starring in the movie “We the Poor” actress Amelia WilhelmyWHO triumph in that and other tapes with Pedro InfanteHowever, despite her great success on the small screen, the singer also had to leave her career due to the illness that led her to meet a tragic end their life.

Amelia Wilhelmy Flores, full name also vedette, was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, on May 29, 1900. She was the eldest daughter of actress Refugio Juárez and comic tenor Adolfo Wilhelmy. At the age of 6, he made his debut in the theater doing an imitation. She was considered one of the best comedic actresses of the Mexican magazine theater, along with Lupe Rivas Cacho, Lupe Inclán and Delia Magaña, who played her parranda partner with the character “La tostada”, and her great talent shone in Hollywood. .

Amelia and her time at Cine de Oro

In the late 1920s, Roberto “El panzón” Soto discovered her characters from “teporochas” and invited her to his company. Proclaimed as one of the best comediennes, she participated in the inauguration of the later famous Follies Bergere theater in 1936, together with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” and Manuel Medela, with whom she also worked on the film “Así es mi Tierra”, from 1937.

Amelia Wilhelmy is remembered for her role as “La Guayaba”. Photo: Special

Unfortunately, she did not achieve fame in the cinema as she did in the theater, but she managed to make more than 20 films with directors such as Juan Orol and Ismael Rodríguez, with whom she worked on projects for which she was remembered, such as “We poor ” (1947) and its sequel “You Rich” (1948), where he personified Malena, known as “La Guayaba”, along with “La Sheep Black” (1949) and “You Will Not Want Your Son’s Wife” ( 1950), again working with Pedro Infante.

Not much is known about her private life, her first partner was orchestra director Juan Antonio Pérez, with whom she had a son Luis, and later children Refugio and Luis Armando with comedian José Muñoz Reyes “Chupamirt”.

“La Guayaba” met a tragic end

The Mexican film “A todomachine”, in which he acts Infante and Luis Aguilarhas one of the most memorable scenes golden cinemawhen two policemen fight with a stubborn grandmother whom they end up carrying with everything and the car, the old woman she played Wilhelmywho at that moment was immobile in his legs due to hemiplegia, a disease that causes partial or complete paralysis of the body.

The situation led Amelia to depression, but the lack of money made her look for an opportunity, even though she was afraid that no one would hire her in her country. It was Ismael Rodríguez who adapted the plot of the film to the employment he considered his friend, which resulted in a special performance and a scene that remained in the memory of many, without some knowing that this grandmother is the same actress who gave her life a “Guava“.

After recording two more appearances on the big screen, after the tape with Infante and Aguilara stroke she suffered kept her confined to a wheelchair in recent years, until she died on August 6, 1964, at the actor’s residence in Mexico City, at the age of 64.


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