Álvaro Fidalga would like Spanish Betis

America could lose one of his figures for the next tournament, because they would want him Betis from Spanish. The cream-blue kit was recently removed from the Opening in 2022losing in the semi-finals against Toluca.

Fernando Ortiz managed to lead a great tournament where several of her players stood out. The Coapa team finished in the first position of the tournament Opening in 2022he surpassed Puebla in Quarter finals and in the semi-finals they failed to overcome the overall result 3-2 against The Red Devils from Toluca.

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Summary: Puebla 1-6 America | Quarterfinals IDA | BBVA MX League

Álvaro Fidalga would like Spanish Betis

According to various reports from Europethe Betis he is looking to strengthen his attack and would be thinking about characteristics similar to those of sirwho came from football in Spanishat the request of the then technician in America, Santiago Solari.

Relationship between America and Betis has been very good in recent years, remembering the transfer of players like Guido Rodriguez and his own Diego Lainez. Because of this, the Spanish team could try to get closer Alvaro Fidalgofor the next winter market.

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in Opening in 2022, Alvaro Fidalgo he played a total of 21 games, including the regular season and the league. In those games, he scored three goals and four assists and was one of the players with the biggest contribution in the attack.

Arrival from sir al America It was awarded in July 2021 and since then its quality has made fans Eagles have him as one of the favorites. The Betis For his part, he continues to fight for the upper part Spanish LeagueBesides European leagueso he will try to strengthen himself to stay in that area.

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