All that Chivas will lose with the departure of Cristiano Calderón

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The left-hander seems to have a few hours in Verde Valle for the next campaign, but apart from the football question, the rojiblancos will lose.

What does Chivas lose with the departure of Chicote
© Imago7What does Chivas lose with the departure of Chicote

Cristian Calderón arrived in 2019 as one of the reinforcements hired by Ricardo Peláez in his first acquisitions as sporting director of Club Guadalajara, but over time he failed to live up to expectations and worse, his value dropped significantly, so now the rojiblancos will end up losing if they negotiate with another club.

The intention of the Holy Herd is to set Chicote as part of the transfer to get reinforcements for the 2023 Final Tournament. At first it was rumored that he could enter into negotiations for Eduardo Aguirre and transfer him to Santos Laguna, although the rojiblancos would have to pay a large sum for Mud’s services, which is worth no less than six million dollars.

But with several clubs rumored to be vying for his services the shooter of TorreónIt is not excluded that Calderón has a new destination outside of Coahuila. Bad news for Chivas is that when they bought him, his letter had a value of eight million dollars, and due to low performance, its price was reduced four times.

Namely, a footballer from Nayarit who can play as a left back and a winger, He’s currently valued at just over two million dollars, so Guadalajara will end up losing whatever they do with him, since his stay at the facility will also He has to pay for his high salary, because according to Salary Sport he is one of the five best paid players of the club from Guadalajara.

Poll Would you like Cristiano Calderón to leave?

Would you like Cristiano Calderón to leave?


How much does Chicote Calderón earn at Chivas?

El Chicote has become one of the favorites of Flock fans, even at every opportunity if there is talk about his possible departure, many are in favor of his staying, but the fact is that the management is not really convinced of his staying because of his constant indiscipline, which earned him some sanctions. The 25-year-old footballer receives about 384 thousand pesos a week, more than a million and a half pesos a month and about 20 million a year.

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