Alex Maquera Atencio, a medical student who beat his family to death and buried them in a grave in his house

Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio killed his entire family.  Photo: Murderpedia
Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio killed his entire family. Photo: Murderpedia

As children, how many times have we heard adults say that you must always follow suit those who are the greatest or those who know the most. However, there are examples that should not be looked for at all, because these numbers can be harmful and malicious, as happened with Alex Maquera Attention.

When a person has obvious mental problems that go untreated, all it takes is a small trigger to unleash their criminal instincts by trying to imitate, or not, another killer.

This was the case of a medical student, who was addicted to drugs, Alex Ramon Maquera Attentionwhich caused a stir in 2004 when it was revealed that he had killed eight people using only the hammer as a deadly weapon. Just as the infamous Basombrío Climaco, the ‘madman with the hammer’, had done a few years earlier.

Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio killed his entire family.  Photo: Murderpedia
Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio killed his entire family. Photo: Murderpedia

The spooky story began when, in one of his first outings, he killed, according to many, his best friend: Jose Ninaja Velez.

Apparently, this first step awakened a bloodsucker that he will not stop until the police catch him.

The next victim was six members of his family: a sister, a brother-in-law and four nephews. When the neighbors asked him, he used to answer that they were on a trip to Arequipa and would be back for the Christmas holidays.

According to what he himself stated, he was March 15, 2004 when he went to look for Priscilla, his older sister, to ask her for money. The killer already knew that she was holding a large amount of soles, the product of her work selling chickens at the Grau market. He denied it, so he decided to beat her to death. He also cut her throat and left her to bleed out on the first floor of the house.

Later, he went upstairs and without warning attacked his brother-in-law with the same hammer, Rafael Pezo Gutierrez. After leaving him badly injured and unconscious in his room, he went to get a knife to finish the job.

Despite the bloodshed that ensued, Makeup care He did not forget the money he was looking for and searched the room until he found two thousand dollars in one of the drawers.

The barbarism continued the next day when his nephews were still asleep, and so were they cowardly attacked for his uncle. This is what Amelia (13), Jackeline (7), Iván (17) and Diego (12) looked like. A drug addict raped little Amelia while she was dying.

Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio killed his entire family.  Photo: Murderpedia
Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio killed his entire family. Photo: Murderpedia

“I had to kill them because they would miss their parents, and I couldn’t allow that,” the author said at the trial that followed.

Months later, when authorities arrived at the killer’s sister’s house, they found the bodies in a grave that Maquera had ordered to be made. All had their skulls crushed and were wrapped in blankets tied with rope.

When asked what he did with the stolen money, he only confirmed all suspicions: that he spent it on drugs and drinks, in their eternal nights of doom. Everything was confirmed after the blood tests they did.

The penultimate chapter of the crazy bloody story happened when it was revealed that he was also responsible for the disappearance and death of a well-known merchant from the area where he lived, in Gregorio Albarracín quarter.

The police were already investigating when the businessman’s wife called, Fidel Mina Mamanihe told them that he saw his partner in the company alex maquera, while trying to sell him a refrigerator. But what really made the agents suspicious was that during the questioning he got into more than one contradiction about the dealer’s whereabouts.

The Ecuadorian killer of Maquera (informatemanabi)
The Ecuadorian killer of Maquera (informatemanabi)

While the experts were doing their work, the killer began a hair-raising story. After quoting Mina Mamani home to close a business transaction, an argument ensued that ended with the subject hitting him 40 times with a hammer.

Then he went straight to the hardware store to buy a saw, a handsaw and a machete. The intention was to dismember the body in order to hide it.

But just as he was about to begin his gruesome deed, the police arrived and saw the whole place bathed in blood.

During this interrogation, he also confessed to the murders your best friend and your family.

After a short trial, which was resolved very easily, since the accused confessed to all the crimes, Makeup care He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crimes of qualified murder and rape. He was also forced to pay for repairs 120 thousand soles injured relatives.

The police chronicles of that time say that the murderer was indifferent and silent while his sentence was being read. And when he was asked if he agreed with the sentence, he only managed to say “I reserve the right”.

Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio killed his entire family.  Photo: Radio Caribeña
Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio killed his entire family. Photo: Radio Caribeña

If anyone believed that society had already gotten rid of this psychopath by locking him up, then they were wrong. And yes, even serving a life sentence did not quench his thirst for death.

One day, August 21, 2019while he was serving his sentence in Pocollay prison, he was visited by an Ecuadorian Carmen Olmedo-Moreno (41). He also attacked her with a hammer for no reason, cut her throat and mutilated her fingers.

When he wanted to dismember her, another prisoner was identified Wilder Huanacuni (38) and, seeing the gruesome scene, wanted to run away to inform the guards, but they caught him Maquera which caused several stab wounds that caused his death hours later.

In this situation, the plaintiff Luis Sotomayor Saavedrafrom the First Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Tacna, requested that he also be sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of femicide.

The killer was later transferred to prison. Ancon I on fat stones in Lima, where he is serving his sentence.


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