Alessandra Ambrosio and her wellness keys you should follow

If there is anyone who has discovered the fountain of eternal youth, that is Alessandra Ambrosio, because a top model, crossed the decade of the 40s looking more than spectacular. But have you ever wondered what lies behind beauty also an actress and businesswoman? Then we’ll tell you wellness keys of Alessandra Ambrosio which is worth following.

Alessandra’s natural beauty

The former Victoria’s Angel throughout her career has promoted natural beauty, as she is not for surgery, due to the bad experiences she experienced at a very young age.

exercise routines after pregnancy

It is clear that having a striking silhouette like Alessandrina discipline and persistence are required, however, the model usually does not become obsessed with the subject (in fact, Ambrosio started to practice form, even after she became a mother).

It is common to see this famous person on the streets, in sports clothes, on the way to training.


According to celebrity media outlets, Alessandra Ambrosio has personalized workout routines ranging from yoga, strength training, ‘it’s important to sweat every day and I love the way pilates makes me lean and toned,’ she said.

When he has free time, he tries to include in his routine: squats with dumbbells, lunges with dumbbells, donkey kicks, exercises with elastic bands and sit-ups.

It is true that he likes to be in motion and takes advantage of every opportunity to exercise, for example by taking long walks accompanied by his dogs.

And a very important thing is that her children keep her very active: ‘We like to go to the beach, be in Malibu and play volleyball… We like to go ice skating and ride bikes, all kinds of things!’, she revealed to the magazine. wellness female.

Ambrosi’s food secrets

Another one of the most important aspects of well-being in life Alessandra Ambrosio is to eat healthy, because in large part that’s what makes her glow 42 years. She’s a big fan of fruits and vegetables and tries to make her diet organic, but she admits there’s no reason she shouldn’t indulge every now and then.

The keys to love and well-being

One of the best tips Alessandra Ambrosio is focusing on you: ‘every woman has a different metabolism and genetics, so instead of competing with each other, focus on yourself and be the best you can be. Everyone has days when they don’t want to show anything. That’s what jeans and a T-shirt are for. Many times I didn’t feel ready for photo shoots and I wonder why I didn’t do more training? But then I think, relax and think: this is life’.

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