After vetoing Tri, Chepo de la Torre unmasks Javier Hernández

Jose Manuel de la Torre / Javier Hernandez
Jose Manuel de la Torre / Javier Hernandez


Jose Manuel de la Torre is one of the champion trainers with the sacred herd, as well as one of the trainers Choice mexicana. In the interview, the coach decided to talk about one of the most controversial absences from the national team: Javier Hernández.

José Manuel ‘Chepo’ de la Torre has known Hernández since his early days at Chivas, so it can be said that he knows much of his career in professional football. To the surprise of many, de la Torre revealed an unexpected secret from the LA Galaxy striker, as he admitted that Hernández was not always such a lethal striker.

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According to de la Torre, ‘Chicharito’ had huge difficulties to define, in addition to the fact that his time in the youth teams was not one of the best due to his lack of technique: “We made Chícharo debut yes or yes, because he was at a young age, I think is in the second league, he was in the youth national team and they didn’t take him, he was disappointed and we placed him in the first league. We uploaded him because I didn’t see him play and one day when I saw him training I thought: ‘it can’t be , if he plays 4 or 5 times by himself and what he lacks is peace’, he commented to David Medrano.

De la Torre trusted Hernandez

That confidence seems to have instilled in top scorer Tri, as the player saw a bleak future as he fell behind in the lower chiverío. Today, he is one of the most sought-after players for the Mexican national team by Mexican fans, despite the fact that the list is already closed.

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