After the end of ‘Overcome the Absence’ Rosy Ocampo announces ‘Overcome the Guilt’

At the end of the telenovela chapter, the title of the fifth part of the universe ‘Vencer’ was announced.

Per: Santiago Mobarak


Overcoming Guilt will be the fifth part of the ‘Overcome’ saga

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End “Overcome Absence” Not only did he leave us speechless at the end of the story, but he also confirmed that there will be a fifth part of the “Vencer” universe, created by Rosy Ocampo.

This new production will be titled “Overcome the guilt” and Las Estrellas is expected on the screen soon.

Previously, Ocampo announced that the script team is developing possible scenarios for a new telenovela of the famous saga: “the entire script team they’ve already worked on five different synopses, the idea is to subject them to research and see which one has more potential; however, there is always a wait for the company’s green light, with the challenge of surprising the audience, and that’s why this quarter is very different from the previous ones,” said Produ.

The ‘Overcome’ universe!

“Overcome”, creation

Rosy Ocampo,

was born as a television franchise whose goal is to entertain through the stories of four female characters dealing with new and current problems.

With these stories, you will be able to witness probable problems that reflect the reality we live and face every day.

“Overcoming fear”, “Overcoming a broken heart”, “Overcoming the past” Mr “Overcome Absence” They won over the audience with impressive scenes and performances by their actors.

How about on? Stay tuned for more “Overcome Guilt” news from Las Estrellas soon.

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