After seven heart attacks, a boy dies from a scorpion sting in Brazil

A seven-year-old boy died on October 25 after being stung by a poisonous scorpion while putting on his shoes, this in the city of Anhemba in the state of Sao Paulo. Brazil.

By name Luiz Miguel Furtado Barbosathe minor was preparing to go camping with his family, when tragedy knocked on his door.

It turned out that the insect was in his shoe, which as soon as he put it on he felt the sting of the insect’s powerful sting. Tityus serrulatusbetter known as the Brazilian yellow scorpion, which is one of the species whose venom is very toxic.

As soon as he put it on, he cried out in pain. Since we couldn’t find what had stung him, we kept looking. But his leg started to redden and he said the pain was getting worse,” Angelita’s mother Proença Furtado told the newspaper. The globe of the earth.

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Parents immediately after observing the reason for the bite Louise al Hospital das Clínicas de Botucatuwhere they had an antidote for scorpions.

Multiple heart attacks attacked Luiz

The damage caused by the scorpion to Luiz was so great that the boy initially suffered four cardiac arrests in the hospital’s pediatric ward; at that moment the doctors realized that the damage was irreparable.

Proença Furtado, with almost lost hope, gave her son to God, but the little one improved a little, but the next day he was the victim of three more cardiac arrests that worsened his health to the maximum.

When I went into the room to see him after what had happened, I put my hand on his head and handed him over to his rightful owner with all my heart. I said: Lord, it is yours! Take it with you and keep it safe. May your will be done, not mine,” said the mother.

The Anhembi City Council declared three days of national mourning for the death of Luiz Miguel and dedicated a condolence post to him on its social media.


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