After killing the thief who attacked him, he starts the car and goes to work.

The case of a thief identified as Ulises Leonel Camacho Luque (19) who threatened a driver with a toy gun, who turned out to be an engineer who took out a real gun and killed him, and according to local media, then quietly got back into his car and left to work.

The case is in the hands of the Argentine judiciary, which released him on the basis of legitimate defense.

The young criminal, who died from a gunshot to the chest, was imprisoned two weeks ago for the crime of robbery, and spent only two days in prison.

His grandmother said he turned himself in, but when he was released in 15 days, he reverted to his old self and died a few blocks from his home, at the corner of Paraguya and Constitución.

San Justo is an Argentine town, the head of the La Matanza district, in the western zone of the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires. It is located 2.5 km from the border with the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. It is the seat of the National University of La Matanza

Agents searched the area for the vehicle involved and found it parked in the 3600 block of Constitución Street, a few yards from the crime scene.

It was determined that it belonged to an electronics engineer, and a review of the cameras on that block revealed that the man got out of the car and headed toward Juan Manuel de Rosas Avenue, where he worked.

Meanwhile, police discovered that Camacho Luque had a criminal record for “car theft” and had been released from prison last month.

It is learned that his father was a neighborhood greengrocer and that the young man was carrying a toy gun during the robbery attempt.

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