Advertisements and fast food vending machines will now be removed from schools

The ruling aims to improve the nutrition of girls and boys in schools, as well as to regulate and ban the sale of food that does not meet nutritional criteria.

This is the second reform that bans fast food in schools. In December 2021, lawmakers approved an amendment to Article 50 of the General Bill of Rights for Children and Adolescents, which also supports the removal of ultra-processed products from campuses.

Why is this ruling important?

Healthy nutrition in schools aims to contribute to the control of high rates of childhood obesity and chronic and acute malnutrition.

Mexico is one of the countries in the world with the most overweight children and has been trying for years to regulate the sale of food in schools, so far without success.

In 2010, General Guidelines for the sale and distribution of food and beverages prepared and processed in schools of the national educational system were drawn up, which show which food can be distributed in schools for primary education.

Starting in 2014, these guidelines became mandatory and included fines. However, this did not prevent the sale of products of low nutritional value in schools.

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