Abuse: mother defends her son and hits the abuser; the video goes viral

Abuse: mother defends her son and hits the abuser;  the video goes viral
A mother defends her son, a victim of violence. Photo: Getty Images | illustrative

They say the one a mother for her children es capable everything and the proof for that is a woman who, tired of the mistreatment received by her offspring, decided to complete per own hand with the situation affecting violent student. The scene was captured on video, which was shared on social networks it quickly went viral.

This is how the mother defended her son from bullying

The conflict took place in a school located in the province Rio Negro, in Argentina, where a woman came and interrupted the class to reprimand according to to students what bother on your own son constantly.

The pictures show how angry woman shake off at all to students who are you calling “scoundrels” and then ask your child who the bullies are all the time.

“Mass him, fuck him in the bathroom (sic). You have one more year left to come back, scoundrels, who are you, Benjamin?

– said the angry woman

Faced with the questioning of his motherthe a young victim of bullyingpoints to a student who which is located in the back of the room from lessonsthe moment in which the woman starts walking towards her son’s aggressor and throw at him.

“What about my son?”he says before pressing young and old splashes in the face before surprise from rest students who only manage to seek peace from a desperate woman.

the situation level scale when the student responds to the aggressions of the angry woman, then the boy to whom he did it violent behavior decides to enter the defending his mother prompting other peers to try as well engage in violence inside the classroom.

in imagesit can even be seen that it is a woman throws at another young man which approached the center tiff

Finally, after a few seconds manazossome students managed to contain the situation which the woman began because he defended his son who was a victim of bullying, because, according to him, he repeatedly asked the school authorities to do something about it.

After the diffusion of images, internet users divided opinions, therefore, while some were of the opinion that violence not fixed by violence, others said they understood the mother, because bullying “cans”.

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