A young man died after falling from a building: he was trying to save his mobile phone

Young man dies Cellular Building
The young woman spent 18 days in the hospital. Photo: Getty Images | illustrative

In yet another unfortunate series of tragedies that have taken the internet by surprise, a young woman died after falling from a building in turkey why he wanted to keep his cell phone.

According to reports, the young woman was taking a selfie and the call interrupted her, a situation where she would have been distracted and stopped holding her personal phone.


A young man died after falling from a building; he wanted to keep his cell phone

The case of a young man who died after falling from a building it went viral. The teenage girl was 15 years old and lost her balance from the top of the building, which ended in fatal accident.

The scene was recorded by a security camera in Mugla province turkey. A young woman identified as Melike Gun Kanavuzlar fell from the fourth floor when she I wanted to take a selfie but the plan interrupted his call.

In the video, you can see how the woman notices the object falling from the top of the building, the witness seems to pick up the girl’s phone and a few seconds later is paralyzed when she sees that the young woman’s body is actually descending and is about to hit the ground.

After the fall, the girl spent 18 days in the hospital

Before she died, Melike spent 18 days under medical care. As soon as it was known about her accident, she was transferred to the state hospital in Ortaca; She arrived seriously injured but showing vital signs.

The severity of injuries caused the loss of life of a fifteen-year-old girl.

What happened to a young woman in Turkey is another related story the death of people with cell phones. A man died in Italy a few months ago who also wanted his cellphone back after a photo was taken with his girlfriend on top of a mountain.

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