A woman managed to kiss for the first time on her wedding day, and her story caused a controversy on TikTok: “It’s worth the wait”

Love stories multiply on social networks and attract more and more curious users to watch videos or photos those who have found their soul mate and want to share a part of their happiness with the world. And of course, others like to confirm that love exists and that someday they or someone else could discover the love of their life on the street, in the theater, in the cinema, why not? On the Internet.

Among those dozens of stories this weekend, an anecdote shared on TikTok by Micah, a young woman originally from the United States, who decided to marry Rhay, the love of her life, went viral. Moreover, this would not have been possible if Rhay had not agreed to accept a small condition it put his current wife. That their first kiss will be given on that very special day, when the two of them got married.

And as they say that when two kindred spirits meet and are made for each other, then an event happens and that’s what happened with Micah, from Rhay agreed to comply with this request and so on the very day they got married, they both kissed for the first timeand the young woman wanted to share that moment with others and published a video that went around social networks and caused great controversy among Internet users.

The video of the bride and groom kissing for the first time is causing controversy on the networks

It was TikTok user Micah (@micahandrhay) who shared a video on the social network told how she met the man who would become her husband, Rhaya, and from the moment they met, he only asked for one thing, that she would give him his first kiss on the wedding day. Something he agreed to respect and so it happened. The video features two very happy couples giving each other their first kiss on their wedding day.

Micah shared his love story on TikTok. PHOTO: Especially

“It’s worth the wait,” the man said when he found out what his now-wife wanted, according to the TikToker herself. Both Micah and Rhay are originally from the United States and they have a joint TikTok account: @micahandrhay, from there they shared different moments they lived as a couple and now as spouses. Like your wedding videos.

Both the TikToker and her current husband are from the United States. PHOTO: Especially

In one of the clips of that special moment, Micah took the opportunity to admit that his biggest wish was for the first kiss to happen right at the mentioned ceremony, and he made it happen. The TikToker assured that when she confessed her desire to her partner, he fully agreed, commenting: “It’s worth the wait.”. From that moment they both stood firm until the long-awaited date came; her wedding.

In the video, they shared different photos from their wedding. PHOTO: Especially

In a clip published on TikTok It can be seen how after being declared spouses, they melted into each other, giving each other a big kiss, which was immortalized by the photographers hired by the newlyweds. “The Lord asked me to save my first kiss for my wedding dayeven if it was just a girl who needed to know that this standard of purity was possible,” Micah wrote in the video’s description.

In the video you can see how they were finally able to give each other their first kiss. PHOTO: Especially

“I’m so glad I had a man who was willing to wait and accept this as his calling!”, the TikToker shared in her post, which caused a great discussion on the networks, because although many users were happy that she was able to fulfill her wish, others were surprised by her decision. Some even pointed out that they could not stay long without resisting the urge to kiss their partner.


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