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Twitter user “Panda (@Miku_miku_panda)” shared a story in which he told how his wife found out that he was an otaku, or rather a fan of a virtual idol Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune Miku

His post went viral in mid-September, and he wrote:

  • This is how my wife found out I was an otaku:
  • 1. My mood suddenly started to improve in mid-July (probably due to the proximity of the Magical Mirai event).
  • 2. He often left the house without saying where he was going. (I was getting excited as Magical Mirai got closer, so I started going to karaoke and buying merchandise.)
  • 3. I would carry my phone into the bathroom and even showering took much longer than usual (while taking a bath, I listen to my favorite songs and time flies).
  • 4. I was late for work (I was looking for Mike’s merchandise, and I spent my time at karaoke practicing songs).
  • 5. I got myself a trunk that I locked and kept in my room (I kept my otaku stuff there, because I didn’t want them to know about my hobbies).
  • It seems my wife decided to hire a private investigator because she thought she had a lover. As a result, the investigation report explained to her the following activities of her husband:
  • And) Her husband only pays for karaoke sessions; b) Her husband bought happi (Japanese traditional clothing for supporting idols at concerts) near the concert hall; c) Her husband uses Hatsune Miku gacha machines; yards) Her husband bought some lottery tickets for Hatsune Miku products at Lawson stores.

Of course, the strange change in her husband’s activities immediately aroused his wife’s suspicions, but the credit bureau could not lie. There were no traces of payments from motels, restaurants or other establishments of a “suspicious nature”. In fact, the credit report didn’t reveal his secret to his wife: he’s an otaku fan of Hatsune Miku.

  • With the results of those investigations, the investigator contacted my wife and discovered that I was not cheating on her, but that I was an otaku.. Fortunately, my wife understands my otaku hobby well and didn’t blame me for anything. If you are hiding your otaku hobbies from your wife, come out at the right time. But the truth is that I paid for everything with a credit card, which I had to make up for with a three-day, two-night visit to Disneyland.

Source: @Miku_miku_panda on Twitter

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