A Twitter employee sleeps on her office floor to save her job after Musk’s arrival

Elon Musk formally landed Twitter after its acquisition and since then it has been making decisive decisions. For starters, he dissolved the board of directors and consolidated control over the company.

Indeed, since October 27, the founder of Tesla became the sole director of the social network, and now it seems that he wants to change some ways of working in his company, which was previously world-famous for its remote employment policy.

The new photo would be a reflection of the new dynamics imposed by Musk. In the video, which ironically went viral on Twitter, a the CEO of that social network sleeps on the floor from his office in a sleeping bag.

The protagonist of the picture is Esther Crawfordwho works in the “product” area of ​​the company and decided to comment on the photo with the following caption: “When your team is working hard to meet deadlines, sometimes you have to sleep where you work.”

Criticisms and reactions were not long in coming, and there were those who claim that the new paradigm will be nothing more than a real “nightmare” for workers. After the great response caused by the image, Crawford assured that his decision was voluntary in order to “adapt to the needs of his team working from all over the world to give life to something new”. “All teams are doing their best in this transition: from design and product to marketing,” he emphasized.

Musk, in fact, became famous for sleeping in his factory during production weeks Model 3 from Tesla. Likewise, in the most critical moments of the pandemic, it arranged spaces for its workers where they practically live and control infections that could affect production.

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A powerful move by Musk: back in the office

Musk has already come out as a strong advocate of face-to-face work in the office on many occasions. A few months ago, in fact, he gave an ultimatum to his Tesla managers, telling them to return to the office if they were not fired, except in certain exceptions that he would supervise himself.

According to several reports, Musk is also planning a much more drastic measure for Twitter: downsizing some 3 thousand 700 positions business this week to make the workforce more efficient, cut costs and stick to only “trusted allies.”

According to The Washington Post, the first wave of layoffs could affect one in four staff members. According to the media, the tycoon informed investors that he would lay off 75 percent of the company’s 7,500 workers in the long term.

You must not lose sight of the fact that the entrepreneur has invested 44 billion dollars to buy a social network and that she complained on several occasions that she was not making enough money. In addition, it would be burdened with debt, so achieving solid profitability is one of its first goals. To do this, he actually already announced one of the most commented on and resisted measures: charging verified users a certain monthly amount of money (between $8 and $15) to maintain that status.

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