A teacher is in jail for hitting an 8-year-old girl for failing math

Singapore.- A mathematics teacher was sent from Singapore, a country that is applauded on international forums for its academic excellence, and on the other hand criticized for its extreme demands on students. four days in prison after she punched an 8-year-old student who failed an exercise.

Teacher, Theo Thian Hoe56, was sentenced Wednesday by the island’s court to four days in jail, to begin serving on Nov. 7, according to the South China Morning Post newspaper published this Friday.

Teo, who was hired as a private mathematics teacher by the parents of the minor, whose identity is protected, had pleaded guilty events on October 17.

According to the prosecutor’s documents, the teacher attacked the girl at least twice, of which on the morning of March 18, when they were alone in the classroom with the door closed, and Teo started to get angry because she was a minor he did not give correct answers to his exercises.

At one point, the prosecution claims, he punched him twice in the left forearm, after shaking it off with his fingers.

He also grabbed the girl’s head and pushed her back.

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In view of the girl’s complaints, the parents activated the surveillance camera, and could see how she used the same punishment methods the next day, while one of the parents was at home, who, watching the live footage, confronted the teacher.

The minor’s parents then reported the man to the police, who excused himself that he had lost his “patience” because the girl “a very slow student“and not”showed interest“.

Singapore has an education system known for high levels of demand and segregation from a very early age in subjects such as math and science, priorities in the island model, focused on training workers in the country’s booming sectors such as finance and technology.

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Considered an “educational success” due to its usual first places, among others, in the Pisa report, which is carried out every three years by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the island is criticized by professors and students for its exceptional demand and monolithic character.

While subjects such as mathematics and science primarily dictate overall results, forcing many children to turn to teachers in their spare time, subjects of a creative nature or physical exercise are hardly valued.

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