A striking photo of Consuelo Duval in 1986 when she was a model in a bikini and looked like a magazine

We just celebrated in Mexico Day of the Dead and the well-known international holiday Halloween was recently celebrated, in this context she drew attention to the fact that recently she is a talented actress, Consuelo Duval surprised spectators “Divine Networks” after admitting that her daughter has the “ability” to see dead people in the same way as the famous protagonist of the horror film “The Sixth Sense”.

During a recent broadcast Uniquethe protagonist of “La Familia P.Luche” shocked all her followers by recalling that her daughter knew how to see dead people from an early age, which generated a lot of horror and torment in her, so the news immediately positioned itself in the center of the spotlight.

Her beauty stands out since the 1980s

Let us remind you, Federica’s interpreter inside “The family of P. Luche” positioned herself as one of the most popular and successful women is a chihuahua Maria del Consuelo Dussauge Calzada, better known as Consuelo Duval, who stood out for being a renowned actress, presenter, comedian and dubbing actress who is currently known for her participation in the program “Netas divinas”.

The daughter of the celebrity, who was born on January 11, 1969, is a singer Jose Antonio Dussauge and Consuelo Calzada Vidal, better known as “Chelo”, a successful Mexican singer and remembered for being one of the official interpreters of Agustín Lara.

With her extraordinary attitude and good sense of humor, she has positioned herself as one of the most legendary women of Mexican television, which is why she has a significant number of followers on social networks who have been following her career for years.

Consuelo Duval in 1986 when she was 17 years old. Photo: Special

Now, a picture of Consuelo Duval has become current through social networks, and it is a postcard on which the famous woman appears as a rare poser, since she looks in a bikini next to the pool, it is striking that it is a postcard where the famous friend of Eugenio Derbez He is 17 years old and it shows clearly



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