A PHOTO that would prove the abuse of Frida Sofia by Enrique Guzman

Through her Instagram account, the Mexican model frida sofia he posted a picture that you can see dislike what he felt for his own maternal grandfather During his childhood.

In the picture you can see his uncle Luis Enrique with his singer mother Aleksandra Guzman, while his grandfather Enrique sings to him. The girl’s facial expression indicates fear and rejection of the proximity of the singer.

Photo: Instagram

fear and rejection

In the photo you can see Frida, at the age at which she reported that she suffered abuse from his mother’s father. By publishing this picture, Frida Sofia pointed out that a picture is worth more than 1000 words and that this is the proof that her detractors were looking for.

“For all those who want proof…I’m sorry I didn’t have a way to film my grandpa pig groping me at 5 years old!!! but a PHOTO SAYS MORE THAN 1000 WORDS,” the young woman wrote as part of the message.

In another publication, a young woman expressed her frustration at the disbelief of many people and sent an emotional message to women who have suffered abuse, especially in the case of women whose families do not believe them.

Photo: Instagram


Before the picture was published, dozens of followers showed theirs model supportreaffirming that the discomfort he felt when he was around his grandfather was visible to the naked eye.

The publication of this photo was supported even by his father’s current partner, Beatriz Pasquelwho stated that she now understood why her stepdaughter always refused to live with her paternal grandfather.

“Frida, I want you to know that I trust you. Your dad, your brothers and the whole family are always with you!” wrote as part of that text.

It’s worth mentioning that both Frida and some of her followers have condemned networks like YouTube for censoring content associated with the hashtag. #fridayositecreo and their appropriate monetization.

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