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As they say, the time is gold and use it time it is one of the best things that can be done. However, the reality is that many hours can be lost in mobility, whether it is going to work or reaching a service branch, on average up to 100 hours a year can be lost.

In addition, it is estimated that a person loses about 52 hours a year on tasks performed in physical bank branches.

Goodbye lines

Banorte introduced its dating service for What’s up in branch officeunique way of care in Mexico for those customers can schedule appointments for nine different services at a date and time of their choosing and at any of their more than 1,100 branches across the country.

The services available for scheduling are:

  • Opening an account
  • Credit contracting
  • investment funds
  • Debentures
  • insurance

Marcos Ramírez Miguel, General Manager Banorta Financial Grouphighlighted: “Quotations by What’s up from Banorta represent a unique way of care in bank In our country. We want client Decide how, when and where you want to be present.

How to get an appointment?

  • Send a WhatsApp message to the number 55 4919-4391 with the word “Meeting” + branch code (“CR”) — “CR” is obtained in the section Locate us at Banorta Mobile or Geolocation at banorte.com —.
  • Choose: (1) Schedule a meeting.
  • Indicate whether it is a person: (1) physical or (2) legal.
  • In your appointment, choose the service or product you want to treat.
  • Confirm your appointment and enter your name.
  • Select the desired date and time.
  • Confirm that the appointment details are correct.
  • You will receive a confirmation number that you must confirm:
  • a. Through the same conversation What’s up by typing the word “Verify” or
  • b. In the office via the shift manager’s kiosk.

After the client has scheduled his appointment, he must confirm it 10 minutes before or up to 10 minutes after in order to generate his shift, coming to the branch with his AND NOT valid.

Technology for the user

In 2020, Banorte implemented a shift system for What’s up, in response to avoiding waiting in lines in front of the branch and the risk of infection during unforeseen cases of Covid-19; in 2021, branches began to provide services in the way of scheduling appointments, and now appointments until What’s up combine both schemes to take care of everyone customers.


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