A mother infiltrates a human trafficking network to save her daughter in Colombia

A 19-year-old girl who was recruited by a human trafficking network that sexually exploited her in Bogotá. Fortunately, she was able to be released thanks to her mother who infiltrated the circle of her captors to break up the gang hand in hand with the police.

The story, told by Noticias Caracol, began in a bar where a young woman met one of her captors, who told her while they were dancing that he had a job where she could make a lot of money so she could pay for your studieswhat was his dream.

According to the mother, the man from the bar told the young woman that she and her father had a company for events and that women they worked following the celebrations and were well paid for the shifts.

Weeks later, the young woman still could not get a job, so she decided to investigate the offer of a local man who painted a very favorable economic picture for her, but when she arrived at the place where the supposed company is located, in Mosquera, Cundinamarca, she realized that it was very different.

There, the mother said, one of the men told her that first they had to “turn her into a woman” and they approached her sexually, and the next day they took her out of the house with threats, photographed her naked and offered her on the website. escort lady. In addition, they locked her in an apartment where there were others 8 or 10 young people.

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The fall of the band

The young woman’s mother desperately searched for her until she was able to find a criminal network chat and infiltrate it, contacted the men and gained their trust.

In fact, he invited the gang members to his house for a party, continued to gain their trust and obtained various information such as the location of his daughter, in addition, he was able to photograph and record them in order to identify them. With everything collected, he went to the Dijín police and denounced them.

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Finally, the Dijin police launched a raid, rescued the young woman, and it was discovered that this was it many girls have experienced sexual exploitation in the Bogotá savannah, because the band recruited even in schools in the area.

Four people were captured, including the father, mother and son who led this criminal enterprise.

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