a mother bursts into the classroom and hits the student who was bullying her son

“I’m already spoiled, I’ve come 10 million times,” said the mother when she burst into the classroom of the school in Black river looking for the student who bullied his son. An angry woman entered the classroom screaming and asking her son Benjamin who was bothering him. Identifying the boy attacked with punches in front of the whole class.

An unusual event took place in the last few hours in the city of General Roca in the province of Río Negro. There, the mother stopped classes because of constant complaints and claims harassment and bullying to his son. The video taken by a student of CEM 1 school recorded the moment when the mother entered the room.

“You have one more year to graduate, you fucking scoundrels,” he tells the boys on the course and immediately asks his son to show him who bothered him. “Who are Benjamin?” he asks and adds: “I’m already spoiled, I’ve come 10 million times”.

Unaware of what will happen to him, one of the young men raises his hand and says: “I am, I am”. He was standing at the back of the class, with his cap on his head and against the wall. Then the mother approaches at full speed and shouts “What’s wrong with my son?”.

In the video, the mother can be seen crossing the entire room until she faces the young man and instructs him punched. Quickly, the boy’s friends and Benjamin himself come over to separate them.

The classmate was transferred to another place because she could not avoid the conflict. Some of the boys climb on tables and chairs, while the girls who were filming move away so as not to get into the middle of the fight.

Although it is still not known if there were complaints of abuse at the school and it is not known how the woman entered the school and the classroom, another video released a few hours later showed the students themselves calming the mother down and separating her from the young man identified as instigator of bullying in class.

A similar case in Neuquén

A similar event took place a few months ago, but in the province of Neuquén. He was a high school student he was slapped in the middle of class by the mother of one of his colleagues, who was allegedly threatened by the teenager. The scene of violence took place in the municipality of Vista Alegre, in that province, and was recorded on the cell phone of another person who entered the classroom behind the woman.

Classes were taking place normally in the afternoon shift at school CPEM 33, when this person barged in and went directly to one of the students who was sitting at his desk. “You threaten my son?” said the woman to the young man and without further ado slapped him.

The terrifying situation left everyone present speechless, who barely managed to react. It was the teacher who tried to calm the woman and a few minutes later police officers to interveneas LM Neuquén reports.

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The father of the beaten student confirmed for this local media that he has already filed the appropriate report at the 49th city police station and that he will do so this Friday before the prosecutor’s office in Neuquén. The man commented that the woman “threatened” his son and told him that she would “kick him off the bus when he goes to school to hit him.”

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