A Mercedes stolen 30 years ago was found buried in the garden

There are endless unusual places to find them cars abandoned, from the bottom of the lake to hidden in the forest. The reality is that the reasons why a vehicle is intentionally left can vary and even be criminal acts. Such as the following case where some gardeners found a Mercedes Benz buried in the courtyard of the mansion.

It was right in the back yard from one Summer house en Atherton, California, NOWthat the group of gardeners They found a buried, approximately one and a half meter deep, a convertible car Stamps Mercedes Benzwith the hood open and bags of unused cement, a vehicle reported stolen by the owner in the 1990s.

Find out the details of this unusual story.

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Mercedes Benz convertible found buried in California garden

A few days ago, the American media announced the discovery of garden workers Summer house located in Athertonnorth of California in NOW.

The finding immediately attracted attention because it was a convertible car Stamps Mercedes Benz who was buried in the garden, in the courtyard of the said Summer house.

Reporting this fact, the Police Department in Athertonin conjunction with San Mateo County Criminal Investigations, they began conducting proper investigations since canine agents alerted to possible signs of human remains inside Mercedes Benzwhich would determine whether the finding is considered a possible criminal offense.

Image: Pexels

And that is that the authorities have confirmed that it is Mercedes Benz could be buried for more than 30 years, therefore, through the Department of Vehicles A certificate was requested for the Motorized California and it was found to belong to Johnny Lew, the former owner Summer house and the deceased in 2015 at the age of 77, who registered his a car as Stolen September 1992 to the Palo Alto Police Station.

A Mercedes Benz convertible buried in the garden for over 30 years

According to Fox News, authorities in Atherton They have not yet determined in which direction the investigation will go, since it is the former owner Summer house where it was found Mercedes Benzwho reported him missing, Johnny Lew, had a criminal record for murder, attempted murder, and insurance fraud, which casts even more doubt on what happened to his a car buried in the garden.

In 1966, Johnny Lew was sent to prison for the murder of a 21-year-old woman. However, he was released 2 years later because his conviction was overturned due to flaws in the judicial process. Later, in 1977, he returned to prison for another 3 years after being found guilty of 2 counts of attempted murder. His last run-in with the authorities was in the late 1990s, when he was arrested for insurance fraud in an undercover operation.

Investigations will continue, but the truth is we may never know why buried are Mercedes in yard.

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