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Mexican televisionTV Azteca Quintana Roo” recently gained attention after sharing a Halloween reportage made in Playa del Carmen. The most popular part of the video was the one where he introduced himself Lourdes Espinosathe girl who appeared dressed as The transformation of Denji franchise The man with the chainsaw.

The interviewer states:There were characters who took those dates very seriously, and made every part of the costume», then he would pass by with a girl, who mentions: «Uh, get the materials, about a month, and finish, also a month (laughs)». In fact, in the middle of the video another girl dressed as Employment from the popular video game Gensha’s influencealthough the production appeared to have written only “what i hear“, since it appears on the label as “Ganius“.

Synopsis of the movie The Man with the Chainsaw

The story takes place in a world where Demons threaten the peace of people, making them targets to be eliminated. Denji is a depressed young man who has sold several of his organs and works as a lumberjack and demon hunter to pay off his late father’s debt. Denji owns a dog (who is also a demon) named Pochita, who has chainsaws and uses them for his work.

This is explained because humans can make contracts with demons. After returning home from work, Denji invites the Yakuza to infiltrate the building and kill another demon. However, the plan was a trap to kill him as part of the Yakuza’s deal with the demon, which would give them more power. But Pochita comes to Denji’s aid and becomes close to him, becoming half-human, half-demon and buying Pochita’s chainsaws.

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©Tatsuki Fujimoto/Shueisha/MAPPA

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