A man took his own life after beating his three-year-old son to death and leaving his ex-partner unconscious

The town of Balcarce in Buenos Aires was shocked by the brutal crime committed by a 35-year-old man, identified as Gaston Fariaswho killed her three-year-old son, severely beat her ex-partner and the child’s mother, and finally he hanged himself in the house where they both lived.

It all happened when a man – who was repeatedly called names by a woman gender violence and who, as a result, had a restraining order prevailed upon him—appeared to look for his son at a house on Avenida Kelly, between 23rd and 25th Streets. In this context, both would retain strong argument that led to physical violence.

According to the local site Minuto Balcarca, Farías beat his ex-partner, identified as Florence Domenico, 33, and their son, just three. After leaving the woman unconscious, he killed the little boy and then hanged himself on the garage mezzanine.

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When he regained consciousness, the boy’s mother went to seek help and was assisted by the merchants in the area, who immediately notified the emergency services of the Felipe A. Fossati Municipal Hospital and the Municipal Police Station.

After entering the house, the police confirmed the presence of a body and transferred the child to the aforementioned health center in the hope that the doctors would be able to do something, but they were unable to revive him. Meanwhile, Florencia is hospitalized and out of danger.

Prosecutor Rodolfo Moure was in charge of the case, working at the scene together with Assistant Laura Molina, Sub DDI and the Science Police. Initially, the incident was labeled as “qualified murder, attempted femicide and suicide“.

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