A man puts cocaine in his intimate area and kills his partner with an overdose

AND a famous German surgeon he was sentenced to nine years in prison after her lover died of a overdose from spraying cocaine on his member when they practiced oral sex.

Andreas David Niederbichler, better known as ‘Dr. Coca-Cola Penis’ or German Christian Grey, the court found him guilty, even after pleading not guilty to the charges.

In fact, during the trial Niederbichler assured that the victim, identified as Yvonne M, 38, who died after suffering difficulty breathing and collapse, knew that he had drugs in his private parts.

However, according to a report in the ‘Daily Mail’, investigations have shown that the former head doctor of the Halberstadt clinic in Saxony-Anhalt put cocaine in champagne glasses, lipstick and toothpaste without her noticing.

Due to his actions, the man was convicted of criminal offenses in 2019 severe rape and physical injuries with fatal consequences.

However, Yvonne M.’s widower and son sued the surgeon again because the killer refused to pay compensation to cover funeral expenses.

unusual case

After the relatives of the victims called for more justice, the court in Magdeburg, Germany also reacted.

Judge Steffi Ewald said: “The defendant has been sentenced to pay funeral expenses in the amount of 7 thousand pounds, as well as family allowances for the deceased’s husband and son in the amount of £9,000 each.”

This means that the doctor has to pay about 160 thousand Mexican pesos for funeral expenses and a little more than 204 thousand Mexican pesos for each of the relatives.
Before the new verdict, Niederbichler returned to be presumed innocent; however, the court found him guilty of three other cases involving women he sexually assaulted between September 2015 and February 2018.

what the doctor said

The 48-year-old man accused of Yvonne M’s death spoke to German newspaper ‘Bild’ and said: “Yes, there were drugs. But I haven’t drugged any women without their knowledge.”

In addition, he stated that the victim is a drug addict, so he wants to prove that he is not criminally guilty.

However, the appeal was rejected. According to the ‘Daily Mail’, “Three other women who had sex with the doctor reported feeling dizzy after meeting him, while one was involved in two car accidents after the appointment. Another reported fainting and having nervous spasms.”

Reaction of the victim’s father

During the hearing, it was heard that Andreas David Niederbichler and Yvonne M met in the office, as the woman was their patient before they started their clandestine affair.

The victim’s father, identified as Juergen M, spoke to German media outlet ‘Bild’ and said: “He promised to heal our daughter, now she is dead.”

“She was very nice and patient. He operated on her twice due to tendinitis,” he added.

“Every day I have to somehow distract myself, otherwise I’ll go crazy. If I had died in an accident, we could have come to an agreement. But not with this,” he concluded.

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