a guide to activate incognito mode on your cell phone

One of the disadvantages of using it What’s up is that your data is available to people who add you, this is the version that comes from the factory, if you are the one who values ​​your privacy there are certain tricks to keep your data in incognito mode.

Incognito mode is a version of WhatsApp that also leaves your profile information, last connection, and other information hidden from everyone. You can do this from the app without downloading extensions that can harm your device. Here’s a step-by-step guide just for those you want to have access to your data.

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How to activate anonymous mode in your WhatsApp?

This is not just one step, but several steps, so that your profile information remains anonymous and cannot be seen by other people:

Remove “Online”

  • To remove “Online” and no one knows when you are connected in the application, you just have to follow these steps:
  • Enter WhatsApp and select the 3 dots at the top.
  • Go to “settings” and then “privacy”
  • At the top you will see “Time of last. Once and online” select that option
  • There you choose who sees when you last connected and when you are online.
  • For incognito mode you just need to select “nobody”.
  • Also, if you want only a few people to see when you were last connected, select “my contacts, except” and search for the ones you don’t want to see your connection.

How to remove read receipts?

  • In a similar way, you enter the “settings” and the “privacy” section.
  • There you are looking for the option “Read receipts”
  • To deactivate it, you only do it from there, and when you receive a message, your contacts will not know when you saw the message, or the famous blue popcorn.

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