A gift from a Mexican fan who impressed Sebastian Vettel on his last visit to the Mexican Grand Prix

Lorena Hernández knitted a doll and a car of a German driver that left a pleasant impression due to the quality of the work

Sebastian Vettel visits the Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodríguez for the last time as a pilot Formula 1after announcing his retirement at the end of the 2022 season. Fans at Mexico shows respect and affection, but Lorraine Hernandez He wanted the German driver to take the doll and the car as a souvenir. Aston Martin handkerchiefs that she made herself, and she took the opportunity to personally deliver them over the weekend Mexico City Grand Prix.

Picture of Sebastian Vettel receiving the gift went viral thanks to the fact that the team themselves shared the moment. In view of this, Lorraine she still can’t believe that she met her idol and who is responsible for her starting to follow him Formula 1 from 2015.

“It was a dream come true. I left with all the hope and realism that it was a one in a thousand chance. I’m still nervous, because I feel like I haven’t dropped 20 yet. I started watching Formula 1 2015 and has always been for Sebastian. I’m not from any team, I’m just rooting for him,” he said.

In an interview for ESPN Digital, Lorraine Hernandez pointed out that he can’t wait to present the gift Sebastian Vettelbecause this is his last season and for this one he had to get a ticket for the Pitlane Walk which takes place on Thursday afternoons.

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“Last year I made a doll because she made me something nice and a friend said to me why don’t you make a pram?” And this year I said I would do it, because it is very different from last year, and then he announced that he would not continue in F1 and there was no other chance. If it wasn’t possible this year, I wouldn’t see another opportunity. It was a bit of luck, getting to Pitlane Walk and seeing that his garage area was cleaner. I saw a mechanic practice changing tires and then a communication girl from Aston Martin He recognized my car on social media and asked them to jump in to give it to him in person and then everything went blurry and indescribable,” said a fan who saw her picture shared hundreds of times on social media.

Doing so was not easy, mind you Lorraine Hernandez, because the car is different from last year and the suit was different. In addition, he devoted himself to figuring out how to make the car, the tires move and the DRS also activate like in reality.

Lorraine pointed out that it was his own Sebastian Vettel He was not sure that he would receive a gift, because he thought that this work was very good, because some parts of the car move.

Vettel He told me it was nice, I told him it was a gift, and he said “Are you sure? You see it’s a lot of work”, I told him that the DRS moved along with the tires, he hugged me and thanked me”, expressed the Mexican fan of the four-time champion Formula 1.

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