A fan saw the Mexican GP qualifying from the Churubusco Mediotiempo bridge

the city of Mexico /

The exorbitant prices to attend the Mexican Grand Prix would entice a few fans to feel the passion of the humming engine from a special box located on the Río Churubusco bridge.

Don Alejandro was one of the fans of the Red Bull team and Sergio Pérez who witnessed this Saturday’s qualifying at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

Checo will start the Mexican Grand Prix in fourth place on the grid, a situation that filled him with happiness, because he saw it up close.

“True, very good, excellent; it was an emotion when Checo passed by all the stands shouting Checo, ‘Long live the delicious old man!’. Beautiful thing, looks great, I recommend it. You can see the cars slowing down and going up the bank in the distance and they raise the speed to 350 kilometers per hour, but that bit looks very good and we got a good look at Checo as the bat met him”.

Don Alejandro pointed out that could not enter the Autodromo due to work problemswith the fact that the resale tickets were excessive, but he assured that tomorrow he will be in the front row cheering on Sergio Pérez.

“For work reasons, I didn’t get tickets anymore, they have been flying since April and are very expensive in resalehigh costs that one cannot afford, but from here you can see it for free and up close.

We’ll be here, I think to get a good spot, we’ll get there at 9 or 10:30 in the morning.”

After the fans cleared the stairs, some security elements have expressed that they will restrict access to the bridge in order to avoid an accident, as some of the followers lay down on the steps.

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