A double discourse, that of Three that negates Chicharito and shows its luxury

The one that shows Chicharito's lie
The one that shows Chicharito’s lie

Javier Hernandez he blurted it all out in an interview with Hugo Sanchezwhere he explained the problem that Tri has, due to the issue of prizes and the economic aspect that is negotiated before the World Cup and that does not satisfy everyone.

Now Chicharito exposed the subject of the leaders of the dressing room and their failure to maintain a unified group, despite the problems, indiscipline and other arguments that kicked Chicharito, but also other elements of the team.

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However, a player has already appeared who denied those words CH 14revealing that he was not an authorized voice and that he was a leader who was not sympathetic to the other interests of all the Mexican national teams.

Who denied Javier Hernández?

The one who came out to deny the problem was Andrija Spašen, an element of the Mexican team that has questioned the case of Javier Hernández, who, according to Guardado, is not one of the best elements to take over the leadership position within the Tri.

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