A CV with a Spotify playlist wins over LinkedIn users

  • Study of PageGroup understood which elements are important to ua recruiters CV.

  • With the use of a playlist from Spotify, streaming witness how to attract attention to a personal brand in an unexpected way.

  • Just as the designer had the idea to present it CV with playlist We have seen cases on the networks where they promoted their profiles in a taxi.

Getting a job requires creativity to make your resume stand out, and we’ve seen proof of that with users LinkedInwhen she came up with the idea of ​​making a playlist to advertise her profile in an original way.

PageGroup he conducted an interesting research and in it he realized that the main characteristics that recruiters are looking for are ua CV100 percent of them, that there are no spelling mistakes.

There is a very important interest in CVsince it has become a document that has served as a real trump card in negotiations for years, in order to fully understand the habits of brands and not only that, to identify the resources that have become critical in the labor market, such as the elements envisioned in the personal brand and how interest in it is growing more and more, in the working environment.

The playlist business

easy playlist in Spotify helped the creative and designer to present her work and conquer with it. At 23 years old and ex officio manager of the community, Estibaliz Fernandez Sanchez she used the fact that she’s a graphic designer to create a cover letter advertising “My resume is a playlist” and it really is, because when you go to Spotify and search for said playlist, you’ll find strategically selected songs so that your titles served as a letter to know the career and professional profile of this CM, who resorted to a unique measure to make it known that he is a creative, hardworking and “determined” person.

The playlist starts with Hello, from Valentine; follow up with How are you? from El Buen Hi and ends with a happy face which is the title of the aforementioned song by Tornie X Berti, using a total of 60 songs to post his profile.

“Hello, how are you, welcome. My name is Estíbaliz, I’m 23 years old, I’m a community manager and a graphic designer. Show and follow”lists a young woman’s biography using song titles.

“I love graphic design, communication, of course, branding, avocados, sushi, some music and the sunset with a view of the sea (…) I worked for two years in an advertising agency, but not anymore. Point”, the titles of the selected songs read CM.

an action that undoubtedly represents a creative alternative to the familiar CV and the way we use the technological resources at hand, to break the traditional model with which professional documents are usually distributed, especially when it helped the creative to raise his profile worldwide, not just in Bilbao, where he lives.

“After thinking several times about how to make a difference, I’m happy with the result of My CV is a Playlist, a Spotify playlist where you can get to know me and learn more about some of my projects,” explained Estíbaliz, who still appears on LinkedIn with the tag in your profile #OpenToWork.

As this creative alternative, we have seen cases of how important it has become for personal brands to use technological resources in the hands of social networks as LinkedInstand out on the labor market.

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