A collectible 50 cent coin? They are asking 30 thousand dollars for her

Just by reaching into your pocket or briefly rummaging through your purse, you can locate it fractional currencywith a value of less than one peso and that sometimes there are people who reject it thinking that it has no value yet, since the prices of goods and services are above that figure, which seems insignificant.

From that to a much higher value is another matter and there are people looking to profit by selling their junk as you can see in the this ad selling a 50 cent coin for 30 thousand pesos.

You can find the offer in question on the online sales portal Free market Mexicobenchmark in the region for e-commerce, but in this sense you should know that the same users who offer their items are the ones who set the prices for numismatic copies, who sometimes take as a reference other prices they see on the Internet for any currency that comes into your hands from the opinion of experts on the subject, so it is often a common currency that is advertised with prices of several thousand pesos without much support.

The fact that they put a price of 30 thousand pesos on the advertisement for that currency does not mean that someone will come to pay them. (Free Market Mexico)

Of course, when it comes down to it authentic copies produced by Mexico City Mint which retain their liberating power, continue to retain value and therefore continue to circulate in the Mexican economy in their various presentations of 5, 10, 20 and even 50 cents, suffice it to say that the two latter are equivalent. to one peso and that unit is not neglected at all because it is the basis for every price.

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Of course, if someone is willing to pay you the asking amount for your coin, there will be no obstacles, but there is also no guarantee that one day that buyer will come and the seller will be waiting with his piece that he believed to be particularly valuable.

When it comes to the specific piece that will be sold in the announcement on the digital portal that we talked about, it is a piece in the denomination of 50 cents. Family D Banxico currencydated 2021, but whose design has been circulating since August 2009.

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If you have coins of this type, remember that making a publication with a high price does not guarantee that they will sell and that you will get money, but if you have a piece with striking characteristics such as minting errors, you can confirm that they are genuine and interesting, especially for collectors, which you can consult with a numismatic house to have a more precise idea of ​​a suitable price for your offer.

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