A Chinese rocket has already fallen, crashed in the South Pacific Ocean: watch the video

A Chinese rocket crashed into the Pacific Ocean
The Chinese rocket “Long March 5B” crashed in the South Pacific | Photo: Reuters

Remains of Chinese space rocketLong March 5B“, the last part of the Chinese space station Tiangong and the uncontrolled fall to Earth finally affected the Pacific Ocean at 04:01 a.m. this Friday (Mexican Central Time), in line with experts’ predictions.

When and where did the remains of the Chinese “Long March 5B” rocket fall?

US Space Command” he confirmed that he was Long March 5B rockets of the People’s Republic of China re-entered the atmosphere over the south central part Pacific Ocean at 4:01 am.

From China launched the rocket, on October 31, the US (USSPACECOM) and European (EUSST) surveillance systems observe the re-entry of the CZ-5B atmosphere with radars and sensors, the central part of the rocket, a piece of space junk from 23 tons Mr 30 meters long.

This is what the rocket looked like before impact!

Through its Twitter account, the Spanish newspaper “The Objective” shared a short video in which you can see how the remains of the Chinese rocket “Long March 5B” reached the Earth’s atmosphere before impacting the Pacific Ocean. The video has been downloaded by multiple users.

The rocket module weighs more than 20 tons, although friction with the atmosphere would disintegrate most of this space junk on its way back to Earth. Tierra. This is the third time in two years that the Chinese space authorities have created this global danger, ie OUR has been described as irresponsible on other occasions.

How did the Chinese missile world protect itself?

According to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Chinese missile could affect the areas of Santa Maria and Lisbon (Portugal), Canary Islands, Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), Marseille (France), Rome and Brindisi (Italy), Athens (Greece) and Nicosia (Cyprus) .

In this way and in order to preserve safety, a closing the airspace of 100 kilometers on both sides of the space object’s orbit. Barcelona, ​​​​Tarragona, Ibiza and Reus stopped working, as reported by the Civil Protection of Spain, although there were also delays in Barajas. The measures were lifted after the coup.

According to the EU SST, the mass of the CZ-5B was between 17 and 23 tons and measured 30 meters. In this way it became a “the largest pieces of debris to be re-entered in the recent past”for which they decided to make a detailed follow-up, although in the end the Chinese missile did not hit a populated place.

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