A Brazilian deputy chases a man down the street at gunpoint and goes viral

Brazilian deputy Carla Zambellia very close ally of the president Jair Bolsonarochased a man this Saturday on sight in the middle of the street in Sao Paulo, on the eve of the second round of presidential elections.

Zambelli, who was re-elected as a representative in the parliamentary elections on October 2, stated on her social networks that she acted in this way because the alleged supporters of the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva They “surrounded” and “attacked” her when she was leaving the restaurant.

In the video published on social networks, Zambelli can be seen crossing the street pointing a gun at a man, whom he chases until he ends up in another bar, where Deputy. he entered with both hands on the gundespite the presence of other people in the room.

“Recently they attacked me, they pushed me to the ground. A black man, they used a black man to go against me. There were several people. He was leaving the restaurant and several men approached him. Next to him was a woman in a red shirt,” described Zambelli, a symbol of the most radical Bolsonarism.

The representative, third in the number of votes in the state of Sao Paulo, assured on her Instagram account that she was called “son of a whore, prostitute” and that they spat on her “several times”.

“When he pushed me, I ran after him, told him that I would call the police and that he had to wait. He ran away and I took out my gun and ran after him to make him stop. He got scared and went to the bar – he said.

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However, another video of the event that is also circulating online seems to belie Zambelli’s version. In it you can see a group of people, including a deputy, seem to be in the middle of an argument in the middle of the street.

At one point, Zambelli seems to stumble and fall to the ground, at which point she and another man, also with a firearm in hand, begin a pursuit of the Afro-Brazilian accused by the parliamentarian.

This election campaign was marked by a strong polarization between Lula and Bolsonaro, the leader of the Brazilian extreme right, and various episodes of political violence that in some cases led to murders.

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Lula and Bolsonaro will meet this Sunday in the second round of the presidential election, for which the progressive leader is the favorite with an advantage of between four and seven points over the retired centurion, according to the latest polls.

In the first round of elections, held on October 2, Lula was the candidate with the most votes, with 48.4 percent of the votes, and Bolsonaro was in second place with 43.2 percent.

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