5 times Lucero Acosta, star of MMA and OnlyFans stole the breath and raised the temperature on Instagram

Within any professional or academic field, more and more women are choosing to join the virtual frenzy it represents Just fansa content subscription service based in London where people can earn from users who subscribe to their profile, who in turn receive exclusive image, audio and video content.

One of them is the athlete Lucero Acosta, who is one of the most promising mixed martial arts fighters today, since he is 27 years old “Professional MMA fighter”, they decided to follow the example of athletes who continue in their disciplines and also have a profile on this adult app with the goal of earning some more money.

The sports lover has repeatedly shown that she loves to lead the rhythm of life healthy and he eats well, so this, along with the strict rhythm of his training, has given him a condition that is constantly praised by his followers, who are left breathless by each of his postcards.

The athlete stood out in the ring. IG photo: loba_acosta_

About his professional career

Mexican, which is also known as “Word”, She was born in Tijuana, Baja California and despite her youth, she managed to establish herself as an outstanding reference in the ring world, where she is already known for her skill and agility, as well as her strength.

The Mexican athlete was immersed in the world of sports from a young age because it was something that always captured her attention and in which she always had the support of her parents, but her life focused on sports began when she was 14 years old, from that moment she already knew that he loved contact activities.

In 2018, he started his career with the goal of being professional and a year later he had his first fight in “Combat of Queens”, where he showed that he has the ability to reach world levels, a job he complements with his content creation, where he charges a monthly subscription to access your postcards cost approximately $26.69.

Lucero enjoys posing for the cameras. IG photo: loba_acosta_

“La loba” is handing out her postcards day after day. IG photo: loba_acosta_

She has shown more than once that she is proud of her roots. IG photo: loba_acosta_

Lucero enjoys modeling with her favorite animals. IG photo: loba_acosta_



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