5 PHOTOS of Mollie Gould that show why she WON Luis Miguel’s heart

when it seemed that Luis Miguel settled down and would be engaged to Paloma Cuevas, the ex-wife of his friend Enrique Ponce, the singer canceled his dream wedding with the Spanish women, and the reason would be none other than the continuation of the relationship with Mollie Gould. The model may be somewhat unknown to fans of ‘El Sol de México’, but these 5 the photos show the reasons why conquered managed to win heart one of the most famous bachelors.

It was Paloma Cuevas who revealed by mistake on social networks in the previous months that the singer will return to the stage in 2023 with a new album and a tour of the country; He gave her an engagement ring. However, according to entertainment journalist Javier Cerani, Luis Miguel he had already canceled the wedding to return to the arms of his beloved Mollie Gould in Miami, and it is about a young woman 29 years younger than the translator of “Under the Table” conquered completely yours heart.

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