4 services that help the car consume less gasoline

Cars need maintenance services so that they can function properly and prevent premature wear of many parts. In addition to making the vehicle run better, it also maintains good performance and helps fuel economy.

For many people it is not that important perform certain maintenance servicesbut after a while they complain that their cars use too much fuel.

Although it may not seem true, there are some maintenance services that, in addition to keeping the car in good condition, help it use less gas.. It is best that you always maintain your car in the recommended conditions and thus you can save a little on fuel.

Because, here we will tell you five maintenance services that help the car use less fuel.

1.- Oil change

Regular oil changes help keep your engine running at peak performance by lubricating your engine’s moving parts. Not changing the oil can cause excessive heat and friction in the engine, which can cause the engine to run rough, wear parts quickly, or fail completely.

2.- Maintain your tires well

Neglecting preventive tire care, such as pressure checks, wheel alignment, tire rotation and balancing services, can lead to increased fuel consumption, uneven tread wear and compromise your safety on the road.

Prevent your tires from wasting more fuel by checking your tire pressure and filling it to the PSI recommended by the car manufacturer.

3.- Check the air filter

Since the engine needs a combination of clean air and fuel for combustion to occur, a dirty air filter can cause a number of problems. If your air filter is clogged or too dirty, it can cause engine misfires, poor fuel efficiency or reduced performance.

4.- Check hoses and tape

Your car has a large number of belts and straps, all of which have important functions. If one wears out, cracks, or leaks, it can cause your vehicle to malfunction and decrease its performance.

These defects cause the car to use the same gas but with less performance and this leads us to try to demand more from our vehicle while driving.


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