4 effective ways to remove dents from your car

Dents or bumps on a car always look bad and for the vehicle to lose value, their repair is good but can be expensive. Although if you have a modern car and the bumps on your car are not that serious, you can certainly get it out without much difficulty.

Not all car crashes are so serious enough to take them to a professional for repair, some You can fix them if you have the necessary time and patience. do the job.

There are many ways to easily remove dents yourself. Because, here we will tell you four effective ways to remove dents from your car.

1.- Bath bomb repair

This method will work for large, shallow holes in a flat surface like a chest or door. Use a toilet pump to remove dents for best results.

Moisten the suction surface with a little water and then press it into the recess. Back off and repeat the process from different angles if the cavity is large.

2.- Use dry ice

This is an effective method if the dent is of medium size. Place a piece of dry ice on the area with tweezers and do not leave it for more than a minute. Remove it and the cavity will probably pop out and be flush with the surface. You may have to try several times.

Don’t forget to wear gloves and safety glasses as contact with bare skin can cause injuries similar to burns.

Select a pull tab that matches or exceeds the size of the indentation. Apply glue to the tab and quickly place it in the center of the damaged area. Wait a moment for the glue to set. Now place the pull tool on the tab and turn the knob until the indentation comes out.

After applying this system you will need to wax the vehicle as the glue will probably create minor damage to the car body.


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