2022 Mexican GP: Jimmy Morales: “Helmut Marko didn’t want Checo, but today he is happy with life with him”

EPerformance by Sergio Prez he got great results for Red Bull, to the extent that the Mexican earned the trust of the team’s advisor, Helmut Marko, as a result of their work, on and off the slopes, says Jimmy Morales, director of Escudero Telmex.

It should be remembered that Marko was very critical of the Mexican driver, who became a key part of the team he won the World Driving Championship, supported by Max Verstappen, and the World Constructors’ Championship with his points-converting performances.

“People from Red Bull are very clear and I don’t see anyone happier, who didn’t want to have him in at the beginning, that was Dr. Markos and Christian (Horner) pushed a lot for Checo. Today, Dr. Markos is satisfied with his life with Checo. Imagine the work that she does internally, which is obviously very secretive and that it is very difficult for the critic’s part or the non-interference part of the team to know about her.

“Plans and how they will do it and what strategy, type of tires and with what configuration, that is very difficult for us to externalize because it’s a secret, but the people inside are very happy with it,” said Jimmy Morales in an exclusive interview with Claro MVS BRAND.

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“It is true that at home we are facing super talent, non-series, which we haven’t had in Formula 1 for decades, called Max, He was already there. When you come to work, in which everything is already planned, to find out who will bring you coffee, where you sit, which is your desk, we are getting to that point and we have reduced the gap we had a lot and little by little. we are shortening a little more,” added Morales.

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The director points out that The 2022 Mexican Grand Prix was a great event where they wanted Checo Prez to do better, above the third place I won.

“Fantastic event, everything went well for us, we saved the podium. We had technical problems in qualifying we had a problem with the rear wing, which did not activate due to an electrical problem. From then on, we started to complicate things because we were able to be first in qualifying and fight hard for pole.”

And he added: “What we expected in the first corner that the two Mercedes teamed up and they blocked us, let Hamilton pass, we managed to pass Russell in the next corner, but it was practically impossible to follow at a very short distance because the air made the front of the car float and it did not turn in the turns.

“The problem is coming, the strategy was well made, we should have started ahead of Hamilton. We stop before them and there is a mistake, the difficulty of changing the left rear tire and then we lose that possibility. Checo’s experience came to the fore there and led us to the podium. Extremely difficult, with a rope around your neck because the tire could burst at any moment from the wear of so many laps, but Checo’s experience brought him forward”.

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