14 years without Evelio with a girl on “v”: These are the comedian’s most memorable characters

It is He is 14 years old on November 4 actor’s death Evelio Arias Ramosbetter known as Evelio with “v” girl. The artist has distinguished himself in the entertainment industry with his comedic characters, with which he won the audience who watched him in his various projects on television. We will remember this day for the humorist sa his most memorable screen rolesWell, he had a couple that are still favorites today with viewers who enjoyed his work.

The actor was born in Pemex City, Tabasco, September 10, 1966. and his parents were Evelio Arias and Aideé Ramos. Before becoming an actor and comedian, he worked as a car guard in a party hall and, despite the profession being far from the stage, the celebrity had the opportunity to show his talent when replaced the comedian that he will revive the event in the place where he works; After that opportunity, he established himself on the stage until he made the jump to television.

Evelio Arias was a great friend of Galilee Montijo Photo: Special

The actor proved to be multifaceted because he was not only on television, he was also involved in films and theater, gave performances in night clubs, and had the opportunity to be a radio announcer. However, his characters succeeded 14 years after his departure still follow he is remembered by millions of his fans and of course, for your friends in the art world, such as Galileo Montijoto whom he left an emotional letter before his death.


In 2007, he was contacted by producers André Barren and Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo to be part of the series “Mary of all angels”acting Maria Escalante. Evelio made a character “Dolphin“, who was a friend of “Albertano” (transl Ariel Miramontes) and sympathy”listen” (Montserrat Marañón); due to her curious personality, she quickly became one of the favorite characters in the series.

Dolphin“He was an educated person, principled, who liked to respect the rules and took care not to be discovered in a trick, which is why he was the first to warn about the consequences of some actions in which the main characters were involved. Because of this personality, when he was stressed, he suffered from breathing difficulties and he would get nervous, which often happened because he was constantly being dragged into the “antics” of Maria and company.

The character was discontinued due to the death of Evelio Arias Ramos on November 4, 2008, due to disease. Meanwhile, the production decided that the role of “Macaca” will have more weight in the second season of the successful series, however, Dolphin He is still remembered by his fans, who enjoyed his cautious but also very witty personality.

Evelio with “v” girl

Apparently the character that brought him to fame was “wiper washer“Well, with a red hat, a white shirt, blue jeans, and a rag on his shoulder, he created Evelio with “v” girl. By this personification and phrase “Mexico I am yours” The actor and comedian won the affection of the audience who enjoyed his show and the jokes that were for the whole family, because most of them were innocent.

The first show he was in was “Novi dan”, where he worked together with Rebecca de Alba and Cesar Costa, then it came Zero In Conduct“, by Jorge Ortiz de Pineda; but it was not until “Vida TV”, led by Galilea Montijo and Héctor Sandarti, that his fame exploded, as the program was very popular. He was also several times in “Humor es… los comedians” and created his own stand-up show called “El Show de Evelio con “V” chica”.


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