12 tips to keep your brain young, according to Harvard

    Experts often say that the brain is an organ that needs to be trained. If he remains deactivated for a long time, he will tend to become lazy and it will be easier for him age-related mental decline. However, scientists believe that there are ways to avoid this escalation and preserve the young brain. And not only does it include “mind gymnastics”. More specifically, researchers from Harvard recommend a dozen activities to keep brain functions in good shape.

    Hang out

    Neural networks are more active when there are social relationships. Furthermore, several studies have found that people who socialize regularly reduce the risk of dementia and blood pressure is lower. Besides, his Lifetime is increasing.

    protect the head

    Bad blows to the head they can cause more problems than sometimes thought, so it’s best to opt for protection. The skull withstands blows, but it is also the place where the moving brain collides by inertia. But the skull must also be protected because it is directly connected to the delicate organ that controls thoughts.

    For example, a helmet when riding a bicycle will be an excellent shield against a possible medium-severe head injury. Antecedents show that these cases should not be minimized because Even if it is not considered a concussion, it will increase the likelihood of cognitive loss..

    mental health and sleep

    Scientists with Harvard Medical School remember that hePeople who are “anxious, depressed, sleep-deprived, or exhausted tend to score lower on cognitive tests”. Although the test result is not an extremely accurate predictor, experts insist that it is good rest and good mental health are key to a healthy brain.

    If you do not sleep well, the organ will not be able to sort through the day’s experiences and organize your system to be fresh and bright the next day. If you do not have good mental health, you will not rest well and the mind will be focused on aspects that will skew cognitive functions.

    do not drink alcohol

    Alcohol consumption is a key factor in the development of dementia (the greater the amount, the possibilities are triggered), disorder whichwill accelerate and worsen cognitive decline. So the best way to avoid losing your brilliant brain is to limit these types of drinks as much as possible.

    No smoking

    Scientists remind us of the damage that tobacco does to cells. And they send a clear message: “Avoid tobacco in all its forms”. So, neither smoking, nor smoking, nor not ingesting smoke will serve to avoid harm from this practice, no matter how much we try to spread the myths.


    Before implementing this advice, a consultation with a family doctor is required. Some research shows that very low doses of aspirin prevent vascular dementia, so it could be useful in some cases. However, self-medication is ruled out because not everyone is a good candidate.

    Less sugar

    In a world where the presence of sugar is present in almost all products, especially processed ones, controlling the intake is also a good idea to maintain a brilliant brain. The effects of these components can cause the appearance diabetes. The best way to avoid this disease is eat healthy and include regular physical activity in habits. If the usual guidelines do not produce results, it is better to consult a family doctor in case medication is needed.

    improve blood levels

    Blood pressure is a good indicator of your level of health, especially as you age. In order to prevent the occurrence of high levels, it is necessary to adhere to the above recommendations, such as eat in some way healthy to avoid overweight and adopt a habit regular exercise, avoid alcohol consumption and reduce stressful situations.

    A healthy diet

    Doctors from Harvard point out that good nutrition is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. So the recipe is as simple as putting the best of Mediterranean diet: vegetables, fruit, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, fish and vegetable proteins (e.g. lentils). “The possibility of cognitive deterioration and dementia is reduced”experts emphasize. On the other hand, these habits will also help the stomach, the second “brain” of man.

    Physical activity

    Numerous studies have already shown that regular physical exercise modifies the brain. Movement increases the number of particles that carry oxygen to the brain in the area where the organ is intended for thinking. In this way, when the muscles are activated by physical activity, the most important organ for cognitive activities is also supplied. Added to this are the aforementioned benefits of balancing blood sugar levels and blood pressure, reducing mental stress, boosting blood circulation (crucial for preventing stroke or heart attack) and lowering cholesterol levels.

    On the other hand, scientists point out that “alsoit stimulates the development of new nerve cells and increases the connections between brain cells (synapses),” resulting in a brain in top shape. According to experts, this will lead to a “more efficient, plastic and adaptable brain, which means better adaptation to aging.”

    gymnastics of the mind

    The last tip is perhaps the most obvious, although many people may not take it too seriously. mental challenges Like riddles Mr Crossword puzzles help, but also creative activities like draw and make because they assume a greater effort for the mind and its functions. Reading novels is also good for the brain.

    With these types of activities new connections between brain cells are encouraged with the already mentioned advantages. But also, according to some studies, stimulates the formation of new cellswhich is a big safety net for future neuron loss as more candles are placed on the birthday cake.

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