10 tips recommended by the ICF to improve your well-being

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Emotions are contagious and well-being also affects everyone around us. According to Dr. Badri Bajaj, a certified trainer ICF (International Coaching Federation), the coach’s state of mind can influence the conversation between coach and client. Therefore, the coach needs to learn how to easily manage his mood and improve his level of well-being.

dr. Badri Bajaj shares with us 10 tips but a coachyou can use to improve your well-being quickly and effectively.

1. Look at photos of your past happy momentsLooking at photos from previous trips, adventures, school or college days can instantly change one’s mood. Therefore, viewing such photos before training can improve the level of well-being of the trainer.2. Visualize and thank the people who have helped you in your successThank two or three people who have helped you achieve success in life or contributed to your achievements. Visualize these memories in your mind and notice the feelings you had at the time of their success and achievement.3. Write a gratitude journal for 2 minutesPsychologists have emphasized the relationship between expressing gratitude and improving well-being. Writing a gratitude journal for just two minutes will also have a pretty positive effect on your well-being.4. Remember the most beautiful thing that happened to you recentlyRemembering the most beautiful thing that happened to you recently can increase your positivity and happiness. This can easily be done by simply closing your eyes and remembering some nice things that happened to you recently. This can immediately fill the mind with positive emotions and improve the trainer’s level of well-being.5. Help someone or make a plan to help someonePositive psychology emphasizes the impact of helping behavior on the level of well-being of the person providing the help. Helping someone or making a short plan to help someone can immediately improve the trainer’s health level.6. Have a short conversation with a family member or friendShort conversations with a family member or friend can fill your mind with happy emotions. The conversation can revolve around a topic that is beneficial to both of you and that improves your mood.7. Feel the valuable gifts you contribute to societyAcknowledging that you have some valuable gifts that will make the world a better place is a very rewarding experience. We all have or can find gifts to contribute to society. Coaching in itself is a wonderful gift that coaches use to contribute to society. Thinking and feeling these gifts can improve the social dimension of well-being.8. Remember the activities that pushed you into flowAccording to positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the best moments of our life are not passive, receptive and relaxing moments. Instead, the best moments tend to occur when a person’s body or mind is pushed to the limit in a deliberate effort to achieve something difficult and worthwhile. Remembering those activities that stretched your boundaries and put you in a state of flow can evoke feelings similar to those you had when you participated in those activities.9. Make a list of reasons why the world is becoming a better place.According to wellness expert Corey Keyes, social actualization is one aspect of social wellness. According to him, when people believe that society is developing positively and has the potential for positive growth, it can raise the level of well-being. So spending two or three minutes thinking and listing the reasons you think make the world a better place will improve the social actualization aspect of well-being.10. Recognize and accept multiple aspects of yourselfAccording to wellness expert Carol D. Ryff, self-acceptance is an important element of psychological well-being. When an individual acknowledges and accepts multiple aspects of themselves, including good and bad traits, it improves that individual’s level of well-being.

Higher levels of well-being lead to greater engagement, creativity, social support and satisfaction. Therefore, working to increase your well-being will make you more engaged, creative and present as a coach or as a person. In the case of professional coaches, this will allow them to help their clients develop their potential, so if you are not a professional coach, but want to have balance in your life, well-being, improve your skills and develop your abilities, come to us with a certified coach who will help.

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